Merry Christmas: Team Dinner to Celebrate Our Year 2023

15.02.2024|3 min reading
St Kilda

Merry Christmas: A Team Dinner to Celebrate Our Year 2023

Every year, in December, we gather as a team for an end-of-year dinner. It’s an opportunity for us to reflect on the year that has passed, to celebrate the victories and learn from the defeats, but also to recharge our batteries before the coming year.

2023 was a year of sustainable growth, as Caracal reached a total of 10 team members, split between our 3 departments:

During this year, we had the opportunity to work with a lot of different clients, to help them on various topics:

  • Deltrian, for their digital strategy and various web development needs.
  • L’Eventail, to keep developing their website and manage their digital presence.
  • DLA Piper, for whom we developed a mobile app.
  • Storeach Agency, who needed a brand new website to present their offer.
  • Mabio, for whom we implemented a new website and developed a communication plan.
  • Parduyns, to implement their custom E-Commerce.
  • And many more!

Today, we look forward to 2024 and the new collaborations it will bring us.

Our Christmas 2023 at St Kilda

This year, we found ourselves at the restaurant “St Kilda.” A small place located at Av. Coghen 44, 1180 Uccle that offers a mouth-watering menu, with dishes to share and wines of excellent quality.

The restaurant was founded back in 2017 by two food lovers, Antoine and Milan, and named after an australian beach loved by Milan. For a long time, the place was a caterer (they did catering for events and the cinema). Since 2021, it has become a real restaurant, with 24 covers, a menu that changes every month and a bit of a wait before you can book a spot.

If you’re based in Brussels, we can only encourage you to go try their menu, which you can get a glimpse of on their Instagram account.

After this great evening together, the whole Caracal team is ready to start 2024.

St Kilda


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