Awwwards Conference: Chronicles of Weekend in Amsterdam

15.02.2024|4 min reading
Team Caracal

Building up our team spirit

In October 2023, the entire Caracal team gathered in Amsterdam for a weekend.

It was an opportunity for us to combine business with pleasure by participating in the Awwwards conference while strengthening our bonds and team cohesion.

In this article, we let you discover all the advantages we took from this trip.

The Awwwards Conference: Summit of Design and Development

By bringing together more than thirty talks on design and development, the Awwwards conference allows for training on a very wide variety of topics and especially to stay at the cutting edge of our field of expertise.

We’re thinking in particular of subjects such as:

  • UX Design
  • Data visualization
  • VR
  • Storytelling
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • No Code
  • Etc.
Snask - Awwwards Conference

In other words, for any professional working in design, branding, UX, or web development, the awwwards conference is an event not to be missed. It’s the opportunity to learn from the best, to challenge your knowledge, but also to build up your network by meeting like-minded individuals.

From our side, there were three talks that particularly struck us:

We were impressed by the quality of the work they showcased during their talk as well as their level of knowledge in their field of expertise.

The result? We came back to the office with our heads full of ideas, determined to make 2024 our most successful year to date.

Amsterdam: an opportunity to strengthen our team cohesion

Of course, we also took advantage of being in Amsterdam to plan more informal moments, to get to know each other better and strengthen our cohesion.

As a team, no matter the business you’re building, it’s important to know each other to be more efficient and to increase the trust that exists between colleagues.

Staying in an office can slow down that process, while going out and attending events together can accelerate it. The Awwwards conference was also a way for us to achieve this team spirit goal.

Awwwards Conference

In summary: The two advantages of going away for a team weekend

We try to attend this type of event once a year, for two reasons.

First of all, it gives us a creative boost. We see what the current market trends are in terms of design and website creation, and we come back to the office with lots of ideas in mind. Indeed, we believe you are what you eat. Often times, your best ideas come from various content you’ve been consuming, thinking about, and applying to various topics. This content can come from books, podcasts, videos, and of course: events such as the Awwwards conference.

Furthemore, it strengthens our cohesion and allows us to integrate new members of our team. Few things achieve this as well as spending these 2-3 days all together. Indeed, spending 2 days with someone in another city will create more trust than staying in an office during a week, only talking about work.

At the stage we are at today with Caracal, team spirit is essential and this type of getaway allows us to ensure it.


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