AI: The Best Right Hand for Designer

15.02.2024|4 min reading
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AI: the best right hand for a designer

For an agency offering design and branding services like Caracal, the ability to be creative and to imagine new concepts is key. One must succeed in conceiving ideas, visually shaping them, and finally ensuring that they align with the client’s demands.

And since the end of 2022, a new tool has entered our daily lives to assist us in this mission: AI.

Whether it is through ChatGPT, Midjourney, or more recently Sora from OpenAI, Artificial Intelligence is a game changer for us and all creatives. Not only does it allow us to go faster in our creative process, it’s also allowing us to explore new ideas as well as creating tons of visuals way more efficiently.

Today, we have the ability to generate pictures, videos, photos and much more just with a written prompt, and get convincing material in a couple of minutes. Flash back to 2021, just 3 years ago, and the same output would have needed way more human work.

In this article, we give you a glimpse of what our team can achieve using AI.

An extension of our creativity

Having used it on several projects and tenders, we at Caracal are utterly convinced. AI is a true extension of our creativity. It not only provides us with a base from which to work but also allows us to delve deeper into ideas that come to us naturally.

With a mix of:

  • Midjourney,
  • ChatGPT,
  • Firefly,
  • And Motion Design,

We can create entire universes from scratch, but also characters, environments, landscapes, … the list goes on! If you can turn what you imagine into a great prompt, AI will make it come true.

Thorgal: a heroic fantasy universe

For one of our clients, it was necessary to create a universe rooted in Heroic Fantasy.

Here’s the result we were able to achieve.

And this is just a first test. We could have gone in dozens of different directions and moods.

The possibilities are just immense: All industries will be impacted, without exception.

So we are working hard to master these tools perfectly when the wave comes, to be able to answer all of our future clients’ demands.

Visuel Thorgal


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