Global Industrie: Two days in Paris to help industrial companies

02.04.2024|3 min reading
Global Industrie

Discover Global Industrie

Every year, France is hosting a giant fair dedicated to the industrial sector, called Global Industrie. Taking place either in Paris or in Lyon, this fair presents many opportunities:

  • Companies can present their products and their services,
  • Clients can meet potential providers,
  • New business and new collaborations get to happen,
  • Etc.

As for any fair, Global Industrie brings together all the actors of one specific sector in one place, allowing for a lot of interactions and new partnerships to take place.

Why were we in Global Industrie?

As digital experts, focusing on helping industrial companies in their digital transformation, our goal was to meet businesses with untapped potential, only waiting to be fully deployed thanks to digital good practices.

Seeing the results we were able to get with our clients active in the industrial sector, such as Deltrian and Parduyns, we are convinced other companies could experience the same growth by collaborating with Caracal.

Let’s see why.

Digital & Industrial Companies

More often than not, industrial companies do not invest enough capital in their digital transformation nor in their digital tool stack.

But as for any company, the right investments can have a real impact on industrial companies’ profitability.

These investments can be plural:

  • A new website,
  • An SEO strategy,
  • Implementing a CRM,
  • An email marketing strategy,
  • Communicating on social media,
  • Etc.

Depending on the means and the situation, any industrial company can find new growth leverages in those digital strategies. These leverages are important, knowing the challenges those companies are facing on a daily basis: increase of energy and material costs, growing clients’ expectations, difficulty in recruiting and keeping talents, lack of qualified personnel, etc.

Sharing SEO and digital knowledge

During the two days we spent in Global Industrie, we had the occasion to meet with many companies who could seriously grow in 2024 and beyond, provided they invest in their digital presence. It was also a new experience for us, as we were not used to getting out in the field to meet new potential clients. Nonetheless, we did meet great people and are looking forward to starting new collaborations!

And if you’re an industrial company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to discuss your digital presence and what could be done to improve your profitability using the right leverages.


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