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Every year, air pollution prematurely kills 7 million people. This is double the population of Wallonia.

Strokes, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are the main causes. According to the World Health Organization, 99% of the population breathes polluted air and is therefore at risk.

For over 50 years, Deltrian has been a key player in combating this issue. A family business founded in 1972 by Klaus Alexius, and now led by Jürgen Alexius, Deltrian designs air filters that improve air quality to breathe clean air.

Today, Deltrian has 10 subsidiaries and aspires to be a leading player.

It was a pleasure for Caracal to support them towards this goal by modernizing their brand image through their website, logo, and all communication materials.



Having been active for more than 50 years, we first had to guide the brand towards a stronger digital maturity.

The pillar that Caracal focused on as a priority was Deltrian’s website.

Today, a company’s website is the flagship of its digital strategy. It must be technically optimized, offer an excellent user experience, effectively showcase what the brand does, all while reflecting its identity.

Our first challenge was to build a new website that met these four criteria.

Image Caracal

Next, the second challenge was to create a logo that manages to position itself between Deltrian’s historical expertise and its continuous desire to innovate, all while adhering to today and tomorrow’s visual standards.

Finally, being present in about ten different countries, the brand’s communication and visual identity needed better alignment to strengthen their impact.

Caracal worked on these three elements to give Deltrian the tools and image it deserves to fully accomplish its mission.

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We first collaborated closely with Deltrian’s marketing team for a diagnosis.

Adrien Domken, Art Director and Lead Designer at Caracal, led a series of three workshops to understand the brand’s history, its current situation, and its vision for the future.

Website analysis, mapping all customer journey stages, identifying graphic inconsistencies, analyzing similar brands to understand their communication strategies, and discussing vision, mission, and values were all topics we tackled to clear the project’s path.

The insights from these workshops allowed us to have a foundation to address Deltrian’s challenges.

Image Caracal
Image Caracal

The material that emerged from these workshops has provided us with foundation upon which to build responses to Deltrian's challenges.


A Design Revamped from A to Z

We began by listing Deltrian’s values and its purpose to create a new graphic charter.

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More modern, it is available in 6 different colors

The goal was for all brand teams, across all subsidiaries, to refer to this charter to create all communication materials Deltrian will need in the future.

The idea was to avoid graphic inconsistencies to allow the brand to have a clearer image.

Caracal Cover Image
Based on this charter, we then imagined and designed a new logo.

More streamlined, this logo meets current visual standards but is also timeless and easily adaptable across various communication platforms.

As Deltrian uses both digital and print communication, and also events, it was essential that the new logo works in all contexts and variations.

Caracal Cover Image
Caracal Cover Image
Lastly, and most importantly, we developed a custom website for Deltrian.

Technical performance, copywriting, visual aspects, structure, interface, and user experience: the website has leapt from 2005 to 2025 due to our intervention.

With this new site, Deltrian can embody its values while effectively presenting its mission to businesses and individuals seeking its services.

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Exceptional Work, Exceptional Impact

The work developed by Caracal will have several notable impacts on Deltrian. And the same goes for any company that decides to make this investment and seeks guidance.

Now, it’s more dynamic and clearer, allowing:

  • A positive effect on team motivation and productivity,
  • Generating more trust from potential Deltrian clients,
  • Reinforcing the credibility of its sales teams during meetings,

Inevitably resulting in the company’s revenue growth and sustainability.

Screenshot image
Screenshot image
Screenshot image
Caracal Cover Image
Caracal Cover Image
Caracal Cover Image
Caracal Cover Image
Investing in your website and branding is never a cost. It's an investment that can be highly profitable, provided you're guided by the right team.

That’s the choice Deltrian made, and every company should ask themselves if it’s time to rethink their image.

Contact us, and we can explore this question over a coffee ☕️.

Jurgen Alexius
Owner of Deltrian


Our collaboration aimed to enhance our notoriety and build our image, with the most enjoyable aspect being the team's proactivity and their seamless integration into our marketing department.

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