Exploration analysis

Workshops and dialogue

Through a series of workshops, we take the time to understand your ecosystem and its challenges. We look back on your past and talk to your various stakeholders to better understand your needs. These workshops represent an opportunity for your teams to express themselves and feel listened to.

Brand audit

Brand auditing is used to assess your brand's performance against your objectives. We look at your brand's reputation and connect with your customers to better understand their expectations. We make sure your strategy aligns with them.

Competitive analysis and intelligence

We conduct extensive research on your industry and market. We identify trends through industry benchmarks and the latest technology & innovation reports. Thanks to the intelligence, we specify the information to be sought, select the competitors to be analysed and draw up the profile of the selected companies.

Analyse SWOT*

SWOT analysis identifies the strengths and opportunities (potential markets) that a company can rely on, and the weaknesses and threats (competition) it faces. This is an essential exercise in the development of a successful marketing strategy.

*strengths - weaknesses - opportunities - threats
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