Positioning brand identity

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Brand positioning

Based on your value proposition, competitor analysis, and target audience, we define the ideal positioning for your brand.

This positioning represents the space you occupy in the market and how your stakeholders perceive you, be it your customers, suppliers, or employees, for instance.

Naturally, we define this positioning in collaboration, taking into account the goals you aim to achieve.

Brand platform

The brand platform is a consolidated document that ensures consistency across all your communication activities.

We take the time to define this with you, focusing on four fundamental elements: your mission, vision, values, and promise.

  • Mission

    Your mission is the purpose of your brand. It describes the value it seeks to provide to its customers and society at large. It drives what you undertake and aligns the actions of your entire team.

    Generally speaking, companies with a clearly defined mission are more successful, as they precisely understand what they do and why they do it.

  • Vision

    Your vision corresponds to your brand’s direction and the ideal world you aim to create. It articulates the path you wish to take and describes your company’s desired future state.Indeed, by fulfilling your mission, your vision can materialize.

    Your vision is also invaluable for creating a community around your brand: it helps attract the right individuals to build your team and serves as a retention pivot for your clientele.

  • Values

    Your values, typically ranging from 3 to 5, represent the foundational principles governing your organization’s operations, the behavior of your teams, and your corporate culture.

    While your industry and market may evolve over time, your values remain more constant.

    Moreover, as a rule of thumb, brands with strong and clearly defined values tend to perform much better. They facilitate quicker decision-making and fortify bonds within your team.

  • Promesse

    Your promise is related to the products and services you offer. It pertains to the solutions you provide to your customers’ problems and is one of your primary marketing angles.

    Your promise should be crystal clear in the minds of your target clientele, and you should be recognized for it.

    Here are some questions that can help you define it:

    • What do you commit to offering your customers?
    • What added value do you provide them?
    • How has their life become more beautiful, easier?
    • What can they achieve thanks to you?

    By answering these questions, you can define your brand’s promise.

Brand identity

Your identity is based on your mission, vision, values, promise, and positioning to define what your brand is.

To use a metaphor, think of your brand as if it were a friend: what would be its identity, character, way of speaking? This is what your brand identity corresponds to, and we help you define it precisely.

Moreover, do not confuse identity and image. The latter is the way your brand is perceived by its stakeholders. The challenge, therefore, is to minimize the gap between your identity and your brand image.

Once again, this is an element on which Caracal can support you.