Custom development

When you want to develop a website, several technologies are available to you:

  • CMS (WordPress and Drupal)
  • No-code development tools (Webflow and Strikingly)
  • Specialized SaaS platforms (Shopify)
  • Custom development (React.js, Next.js and Supabase)

In general, the technology you choose depends on your needs, the type of site you want to create, and your budget. At Caracal, we’re skilled at developing all types of site, including showcase sites, e-commerce sites, corporate sites, blogs, portfolios and more. However, we have chosen to specialize in custom development because of the significant advantages of this approach.

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What is custom development?

Custom development involves developing a project from A to Z from scratch, using a specific computer language.

This type of development has a number of strengths, particularly for complex projects that are likely to evolve over time.

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What are the advantages of custom development?



Because we develop your project from scratch, and write all the code, custom development gives us the opportunity to be much more agile. When you use a CMS or a no-code development tool, you’re obliged to evolve within a defined framework and may face constraints. With custom development, there are none, and we can respond much more easily to the needs you share with us.



By avoiding the most common CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, we reinforce the security of your site. These widely used CMS attract the attention of malicious individuals looking for vulnerabilities to exploit data. Custom development enables us to implement more secure technical configurations, which is essential given that users are increasingly aware of the need to protect their data.



A digital project is destined to evolve over time, particularly in the present day. The advantage of custom development lies in its flexibility to easily integrate new functionalities. This adaptability enables us to meet your users’ changing expectations and continually improve the experience you offer them. In this way, your site can evolve in parallel with market needs and technological developments, ensuring its continued relevance.

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What are the disadvantages of custom development?

Despite these advantages, custom development does have two points to consider.


Development time

Custom development times can vary considerably depending on the size and complexity of the project. Because we build the project from the ground up, delivery times can be longer than for off-the-shelf solutions. However, this investment in time is often offset by the flexibility, enhanced security, and ability to respond to specific project needs, which can in the long term optimize the efficiency and value of the solution.



The budget required depends largely on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the development time required. It’s important to note that the benefits of custom development come at a specific cost. However, these advantages – such as a high-performance, secure, scalable website offering an excellent user experience – help to avoid costly future problems. What’s more, they reinforce your brand image by delivering a quality site.