Showcase and corporate website

Ensure your online presence, present your offers and your company effectively.

Performance and efficiency are key values at Caracal.
More than just creating websites, we want to help your business grow and generate more revenue.

Building a showcase site is one of the ways we can achieve this, by putting our technical, graphic and strategic skills at your disposal.

Composed of digital experts and based in Brussels, Caracal is a human-sized agency you can count on to create an effective and efficient showcase site.

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What is showcase site?

This is a website that introduces your company and describes your activities, services and products.

In other words, a showcase site is a web shop window for your online presence. Unlike an online sales site, a showcase site does not allow you to carry out transactions, as this is not its main objective. These are two types of site with distinct objectives. The advantages of a showcase site are numerous:

  • Improve your online presence and digital communication,
  • Present your company and your offers,
  • Generate traffic,
  • Easy maintenance.
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Image Caracal

That said, creating a showcase site requires attention to several elements if it is to be a success.



User experience (UX) is crucial for a showcase site, as it determines the first impression given to visitors. User-friendly design, fluid navigation and attractive presentation are essential to capture their attention.



Responsive design is vital for a showcase site as it ensures that your site adapts to all devices, offering an optimal user experience. This enables your site to reach a wider audience and boost your company’s credibility.



Regular maintenance of a showcase site is essential to ensure its security, smooth operation and relevance. By ensuring that content is up to date, links work properly and any problems are quickly resolved.

If you decide to work with Caracal, we can create your showcase site, taking into account your objectives and your brand.

The ideal showcase site that we develop for you

At Caracal, we offer complete support in the development of your showcase site. We take charge of designing the interface, putting the site online and managing its updates.

A successful showcase site generally comprises 6 pages:


A home page to engage the user and invite them to continue browsing.


A page dedicated to your services and/or products.


A portfolio page to showcase your work.


An “About” page detailing your mission, values and team.


A page featuring lead magnets to increase your database and build loyalty among your prospects.


A page with your contact details and a contact form.

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Image Caracal

We make sure that navigation on each of these pages is intuitive, thanks to simple interface, and that they all offer an optimal user experience.

What’s more, a good example of a showcase site also includes a link to a CRM to generate more conversions by creating targeted campaigns once your visitors have browsed your website.

Last but not least, we’ll apply your corporate identity to every page of your site to set you apart from the competition.

Caracal support in three stages

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The creation of a showcase site begins with the definition of its architecture, content, functionalities and marketing strategy to attract traffic. This design phase is divided into three stages:

  1. Meet, where we establish the site’s objectives and structure;
  2. Compose, where we create a complete mock-up;
  3. Validate, where we finalize the mock-up in collaboration with you, before moving on to creation.

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This creative phase only begins once the layout and visual identity of your showcase site have been validated. This phase is divided into two parts.

  1. Home page design: We begin by designing the home page of your showcase site. We offer 3 variants, from which you’ll have to choose one.
  2. Designing the rest of the site: Once we’ve validated your home page, we design all the other pages of your showcase site based on this template. We submit the complete design to you for feedback, make any necessary adjustments, and then finalize the design after your review and approval.

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Once the mock-up and design have been validated, it’s time for us to launch the development.
We start by creating the environment that will allow your showcase site to exist. This environment requires two ingredients:

  1. A CMS (Content Management System). We use either WordPress or PayLoad.
  2. A front-end application, developed in Next.js and React.js.

This will enable us to bring your design to life by coding and implementing it. We develop your showcase site page by page, thanks to our stack designed to create high-performance sites.

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Why choose Caracal to develop your showcase site?

We can offer you a variety of tools and technologies to develop your showcase site.

For cutting-edge technical choices, opt for our custom Headless solution, using React.js, Next.js, Vercel, and the PayLoad CMS. If you’re on a tighter budget, we can also develop a customized showcase site based on WordPress.

The key to success often lies in the adoption of the latest technologies and in the constant pursuit of efficiency.

We strongly recommend opting for a Headless solution, which is based on a CMS without a graphical interface. It offers increased flexibility and creative freedom, allowing for the design of high-performance and modern showcase websites.

Furthermore, Headless sites align perfectly with current technologies, offering better performance, reduced loading times, and an improved user experience. Moreover, they are more secure, easy to maintain, and less vulnerable to attacks.

The key to success often lies in adopting the latest technologies and constantly striving for efficiency.