Dora’s Challenge: We only stay in our place when we’re first

15.02.2024|2 min reading
Arto Caracal

Dora's Challenge: We only stay in our place when we're first

At the end of October 2023, we participated in the 3D Dora’s Challenge. Dora is a no-code website builder.

Using Dora, you can design and publish stunning 3D & animated websites effortlessly, without the need for coding. We discovered this tool right before participating to the challenge, and it’s needless to say that it’s a great way for businesses of all size to rapidly create a website incorporating 3D designs.

Cherry on the cake? Dora also has a community of users, helping out each others, creating educational content, and hosting events dedicated to the tool.

But what was the goal of the challenge, exactly?

To construct a website mockup using their tool, while incorporating 3D effects. All participants could let their creativity flow, in order to come up with the best website concept.

Dora's Challenge: participants from all over the world

In total, more than 200 participants took part in the contest, including agencies and freelancers from all over the world:

  • USA,
  • India,
  • Spain,
  • France,
  • Canada,
  • Etc.

And out of these 200 participants, Caracal came in first with our concept “Arto Caracal” !

We are extremely proud to have won this contest. It’s a great way to reward our team’s work and expertise, both in design and UX, as well as web development. If you need to create a new website, which incorporates 3D (or not), you know that Caracal can be your partner of trust.

Dora's Challenge - Arto Caracal

Discover “Arto Caracal”

To win this contest, we pushed the tool to its full potential by imagining a website concept that includes 3D in an intelligent way, to create a unique user experience.

We would like to thank all the judges :

  • Minh Pham,
  • Marten Kuipers,
  • Liva Grinberga,
  • Dmitry Novikov,
  • Mauricio Tonon,
  • Daniel Snows,
  • Faye Zheng,
  • Alisa Fan.

For the more curious, here is the design that we conceived.


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