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To grow, it’s essential to understand where your brand stands today, to identify priority areas for improvement. One must pick their battles and focus on those with the highest impact.

To assist you and foster growth, Caracal offers a series of audits.


We conduct an audit of all your user interfaces and analyze the user experience provided by your website to detect any hindrances. This will help us identify elements that make your site’s ergonomics less intuitive and adversely affect its performance.

To conduct this audit and provide you with a comprehensive report, we base our assessment on the following criteria:

  • 🠖 Accessibility,
  • 🠖 Usability,
  • 🠖 Readability.

The objective will then be to enhance each of these components.


We then conduct a technical audit to assess your website’s performance. We check the speed and ease of access to your content and the architecture of your site.

This audit is pivotal since search engines prioritize sites with the best loading times and responsiveness. If you don’t rank among the best, this could directly undermine the efficacy of your SEO strategy.

If the audit reveals any shortcomings, we’ll provide a list of actionable steps to improve your site’s performance. This will have a direct impact on the amount of traffic you generate each month.


The SEO audit is the starting point for an effective natural referencing strategy. It helps us understand which elements prevent your website from reaching Google’s first page of results and driving more traffic.

To identify these elements, we delve into the three facets of a successful SEO strategy:

  • Technical aspects (crawling and indexing),
  • Semantics (keywords and content),
  • Netlinking (incoming links and interlinks on your pages).

For these analyses, we have several tools at our disposal, such as Majestic SEO, Yooda Insight, and Semrush.

Following this audit, we’ll pinpoint the areas to concentrate our efforts on to enhance your SEO strategy and drive more traffic.