MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

To create a new product, you need to adopt an iterative approach, rapidly launching a first version and gradually improving it according to your customers’ feedback. This low-risk, low-cost, user-centric philosophy involves launching an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Caracal can help you create it.

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What is Minimum Viable Product?

An MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a simple but functional version of your product. Its purpose is to quickly test your idea and its relevance to the market, without investing a large budget and minimizing risk.

The MVP avoids spending months creating a product without really knowing whether it will find an audience. For example, if you want to meet a mobility need, you’ll first propose a skateboard, then a scooter, then a bike, and finally a car.

If the MVP proves its worth, it may be worth going further and investing more time and money in its development.

The ideal MVP we develop for you

If you need an MVP, whether because you have a new idea or because your company needs to launch new products on a regular basis, Caracal can help you create one. We work in several stages :


Analysis of your market to understand its challenges and trends,


Analysis of your business to understand its strengths and weaknesses,


Analysis of your customers to understand their needs and expectations,


Defining the objective of your new product,


Defining several MVP options to meet this objective,


Choice of MVP to develop,


Development of the necessary features.

Image Caracal
Image Caracal

This approach enables us to quickly validate your hypotheses and test the viability of your product.

Of course, once your MVP is ready, we’ll help you test it against market reality, and collect feedback with you. We’ll then provide a report to draw conclusions and decide whether further development is worthwhile or not.

If the MVP proves to be effective and does indeed meet a market demand, Caracal will support you throughout future developments to turn your MVP into a fully-fledged product.