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It’s no secret: we are directly influenced by our surroundings. Whether it’s our workspace or our living space, the places we spend our time have a significant impact on our mental and physical health.

This is the very essence of Instore, an office specializing in interior architecture, guiding its clients not only in structuring their spaces but also in their furnishing and decoration.

With Instore, it’s impossible not to achieve a space that truly resonates with us, one where we simply want to stay as long as possible.

We were delighted to embrace the same philosophy and support Instore on several fronts: Graphic charter, Digital identity, Website, UX.

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The challenge posed by Instore was tied to its audience and its offerings.

Indeed, this interior architecture office primarily caters to a high-end audience, willing to invest a substantial amount both in the design of their space and the furniture that will be used to furnish it.

The task was to create a new digital identity and a new graphic charter that would appeal to this target audience while showcasing Instore’s expertise and value proposition.

Lastly, it was essential to implement this graphic charter and new identity within a showcase website, presenting Instore’s activity and product catalog.

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To meet this challenge, we began by taking the time to understand Instore.

We needed to know the office’s history, the vision of its founders, its ambition, its clientele, and the projects successfully completed in the past.

Next, we set out to find various sources of inspiration and also studied the competition.

This analytical work was vital to determine how we would position Instore and enable the office to stand out from its competitors with a new digital identity and a fresh graphic charter.



Thanks to this methodology, Caracal was able to develop Instore’s new graphic charter, which included:

  • Colors,
  • Typography.

This graphic charter provided a foundation on which to establish the new digital identity of the interior architecture office. This identity encompasses the brand’s tone of voice, its visual appearance, and its mode of expression.

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Lastly, we aligned all these elements within a single digital tool: Instore's website.

Thus, we supported Instore by rolling out our solution in three stages:

  • Graphic charter,
  • Digital identity,
  • Website.
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Initially, this collaborative effort allowed Instore to align its entire staff, rekindling a team spirit. Working on your brand and visual aspect offers a fresh start and injects new energy into your business.

The impact of this effort is first felt internally, before being noticed externally.

For Instore, the development of a new graphic charter, a new digital identity, and the implementation of a new website strengthened its brand image. This enhancement enables the office to communicate more effectively with its clients and have a greater impact.

The brand is now more credible and more in line with its clientele’s expectations, facilitating faster trust-building.

Lastly, with the rollout of the new website, Instore now has a tool to showcase its activities and display its entire furniture catalog.

This website is not only sales channel but also powerful communication tool. Hence, the importance of collaborating with specialized agency to ensure its effectiveness.

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