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Video clips, documentaries, commercials… As varied as they may be, all these video formats can be produced by Unioncall.

A production company founded in 2019 and based in Brussels, Unioncall brings together a collective of videographers and directors who have already worked for big names:

  • Nike,
  • Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games,
  • Flunch,
  • RTBF,
  • Romeo Elvis,
  • Selah Sue,
  • Etc.

As talented as she is, Unioncall needed a website that could showcase all her talent and production skills and showcase all her work.

With this in mind, an opportunity arose to work with Unioncall. Together, we set about creating and developing a website that is minimalist, clean and resolutely modern, perfectly in tune with the studio’s distinctive visual identity. This demonstrates our commitment to providing an online platform that reflects not only Unioncall’s sophistication, but also its values and contemporary aesthetic.

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Image Caracal


The biggest challenge we faced with this project was the variety of formats that could be produced by Unioncall.

In fact, the site had to be able to work with all the universes in which the brand operates. The site had to be uncluttered, yet convincing for a wide variety of sectors.

That someone works :

For a brand wanting to make an advert,
For an artist wanting to produce a video clip,
Or an institution wanting to create a documentary,

They had to be convinced by Unioncall’s service and expertise. This represents a challenge, because we are talking about three different audiences, with very different tastes, codes and references.

Our methodology enabled us to meet this challenge and deliver the site that Unioncall needed.

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We started by carrying out a lot of research to create a site that would fit in with the Unioncall world.

This was followed by a lot of discussions with their team, which led us to develop our concept further to achieve a truly convincing result.

Once the concept had been validated, we were in a position to move on to development and launch.

It’s a methodology that we apply to all our projects: we give priority to discussions with our customers so that we can move forward serenely, and above all always validate a stage together before moving on to the next.

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The site is uncluttered, focusing mainly on visual content, with relatively little text, so as to focus attention on the company’s creations.

Visitors can therefore find all the collective’s productions, including :

Video clips,
Or documentaries.

What’s more, a presentation page and links to Instagram and Vimeo have been included, of course, to allow the more curious to find out more about this production company. And if you have a project in mind, you can contact Unioncall directly from the website.

This new website, acting primarily as an elaborate portfolio, has had a number of impacts for the company.

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Firstly, Unioncall now has a stronger brand image and credibility. For a production company, the image it projects to its customers and prospective customers is vital if it is to win new projects.

A number of elements contribute to creating a high-quality brand image, and a company’s website is obviously one of them.

Secondly, over and above the image, Unioncall can now bring together all its achievements in one place and centralise its portfolio of projects. This will make it easier to convince future customers by directing them to the most relevant section: advertising, documentaries or video clips.

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Today, your website is your main digital tool.

If you too would like to showcase your expertise on the web, or update your company website to improve your image, don’t hesitate to contact us using this form.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

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