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2023 witnessed the rise of AI, especially generative AI, which can produce textual and visual content in mere seconds.

This had a considerable impact on the digital world, allowing thousands of companies to exponentially increase their productivity. However, AI also brought about another effect, potentially more dangerous, with the emergence of deepfakes.

Now, anyone can create a fake photo or video, portraying someone saying things they never actually said.

It’s becoming increasingly challenging to determine which content is real and which is not, be it on social media, forums, or elsewhere. We have no way to authenticate content and distinguish the truth from the false.

The same issue applied to luxury items and counterfeiting. That is until Selinko developed a solution to trace, authenticate, and ensure the origin of luxury items: such as watches, wines, or high-end furniture.

Today, Selinko collaborates with over 30 luxury brands and has protected more than 1.5 billion euros worth of goods using their solution.

In this context, Caracal had the opportunity to work with Selinko on a design and web implementation project.

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he challenge posed by Selinko was directly related to its expertise and its website. They address a complex issue that needs to be explained effectively while showcasing their solution on their website.

The question was how to ensure their visitors:

  • Understand the problem and why it’s significant,
  • Grasp the solution, how it works, and how it can be implemented.
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Selinko is not unique in this regard, as most companies face a similar challenge. They must communicate effectively what they do to acquire new customers. This requires design, copywriting, and digital strategy.

Hence the value of partnering with a specialized agency to guide and assist in overcoming this challenge by creating an effective website.



To assist Selinko in enhancing its website, we had the chance to collaborate with a partner agency: Shake.

Shake took on the task of designing an initial site layout, incorporating the brand’s identity, particularly in terms of color schemes and typography.

On our end, we also sought inspiration to determine the best direction for the brand. Caracal then incorporated the design created by Shake and developed a custom solution for Selinko.

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Practically speaking, we rolled out our solution in two phases.

Initially, based on the design by Shake and our various inspiration sources, we crafted a new digital identity for Selinko.

This identity had several goals:

  • Explain the problem,
  • Present the solution,
  • Build Selinko’s brand image,
  • Appeal to a majority audience of luxury brands.

By fulfilling all these objectives, this new identity allows Selinko to showcase its operations and attract new clients more efficiently.

Then, after validating this identity, we implemented it by developing a new website. This site underwent UI research to ensure smooth navigation for all visitors.

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This two-step design and web implementation had a direct impact on Selinko’s success.

Firstly, the brand now boasts a stronger digital identity, enhancing its credibility with its target audience and making it easier to acquire new clients.

Additionally, this digital identity can be adapted to various communication platforms, allowing Selinko to promote itself if desired:

  • Social media posts,
  • Newsletters,
  • Articles,
  • Press releases,
  • Etc.

Lastly, the development and launch of the new website bolstered the brand’s online presence and introduced a new sales channel.

By choosing Caracal, Selinko decided to invest in its digital growth.

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