Positioning brand identity

Value proposition

Together, we define your product and its innovative value. We base our thinking on the problems encountered by your customers, their needs and finally, your solutions. We involve your teams so that your ambition also becomes theirs.


Based on your value proposition and competitive analysis, we define your brand positioning. In other words, we specify your competitive position in the market and the place you occupy in the minds of consumers.

Brand platform

The brand platform is a summary document that serves to formalise your brand strategy. It is an essential reference tool that ensures consistency in your various communication actions. The brand platform includes four fundamental elements: your mission, vision, values and promise.

  • Mission

    Your mission reflects your commitment to your customers. It describes what your brand wants to bring to consumers and society. It gives meaning to what you do. Companies with a clear mission are usually more successful because they know exactly what they are offering and why. Your mission must be simple, actionable and easy to remember. This is how it will meaningfully guide your work and that of your teams.

  • Vision

    It is really quite simple, without vision, you may end up doing on-the-spot and not be able to evolve. Your vision translates where you want to go, the future and desirable state of your company and its sector. It is mainly used to define common objectives, provide direction and support internal decision-making. It is also extremely valuable for creating a community around your brand. For people to buy into your project, they need to understand where you are going.

  • Values

    Your values give meaning to your existence and guide your actions. They must be shared by both your employees and your consumers. These are the basic principles that govern how your organisation works, the behaviour of your teams, and your corporate culture. Organisations with strong values are often more successful, since they serve as a compass to move forward and make decisions. Where your industry and market can evolve, your values are constant, even immutable.

  • Promise

    Your promise depends directly on your value proposition. It consists mainly of a differentiating advantage over the competition. Just like your values, your brand promise is stable and changes little over time. What are you committed to offering your consumers? What added value do you bring them? How has their life become more pleasant, easier? What can they accomplish thanks to you? It is by answering these questions that you will be able to define the promise of your brand.

Brand identity

For your brand to position itself in a competitive market it must be easily identifiable. Identity represents how the brand 'is', as opposed to the image by which the brand is perceived. It results from the construction of your brand platform and influences your entire communication strategy.

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